M.Sc. Jakob Bach

General Information

I'm a PhD student in the field of data science, doing research on feature selection with constraints (next to several side projects). Many of my teaching and research activities correspond to a GitHub project that contains the code and sometimes further materials. The article "Understanding the Effects of Temporal Energy-Data Aggregation on Clustering Quality" has a dedicated website.


Active Learning for SAT Solver Benchmarking
Fuchs, T.; Bach, J.; Iser, M.
2023. Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems. Ed.: S. Sankaranarayanan. Pt. 1, 407–425, Springer Nature Switzerland AG. doi:10.1007/978-3-031-30823-9_21
Leveraging Constraints for User-Centric Selection of Predictive Features
Bach, J.
2022, October 6. AI Hub @ Karlsruhe (2022), Karlsruhe, Germany, October 5–7, 2022
An Empirical Evaluation of Constrained Feature Selection
Bach, J.; Zoller, K.; Trittenbach, H.; Schulz, K.; Böhm, K.
2022. SN Computer Science, 3 (6), Art.-Nr.: 445. doi:10.1007/s42979-022-01338-z
Presentation for the Paper "A Comprehensive Study of k-Portfolios of Recent SAT Solvers"
Bach, J.
2022, August 2. 25th International Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing (SAT 2022), Haifa, Israel, August 2–5, 2022
A Comprehensive Study of k-Portfolios of Recent SAT Solvers
Bach, J.; Iser, M.; Böhm, K.
2022. 25th International Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing (SAT 2022). Hrsg.: Kuldeep S. Meel, 2:1–2:18, Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik (LZI). doi:10.4230/LIPIcs.SAT.2022.2
Data-driven exploration and continuum modeling of dislocation networks
Sudmanns, M.; Bach, J.; Weygand, D.; Schulz, K.
2020. Modelling and simulation in materials science and engineering, 28 (6), Art. Nr.: 065001. doi:10.1088/1361-651X/ab97ef
Understanding the effects of temporal energy-data aggregation on clustering quality
Trittenbach, H.; Bach, J.; Böhm, K.
2019. Information technology, 61 (2-3), 111–123. doi:10.1515/itit-2019-0014
On the tradeoff between energy data aggregation and clustering quality
Trittenbach, H.; Bach, J.; Böhm, K.
2018. 9th ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems, e-Energy 2018; Karlsruhe; Germany; 12 June 2018 through 15 June 2018, 399–401, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). doi:10.1145/3208903.3212038


I was responsible for the exercises of "Data Science 1" (old name: "Big Data Analytics") and for the practical course "Data Science Laboratory Course" (old name: "Analyzing Big Data Laboratory Course") several times. I fundamentally re-designed the exercises of "Data Science 1" when acquiring the "Baden-Württemberg Certificate for Teaching and Learning at University Level". Further, I supervised projects for the courses "Software Engineering in Practice" ("Praxis der Softwareentwicklung") and "Research Project" ("Praxis der Forschung"). Finally, I supervised several seminar ~, bachelor's ~, and master's theses.

Title Type Semester
Practical course (P) SS 2023
Practical course (P) SS 2023
Projektgruppe (Pg) SS 2022
Practical course (P) SS 2022
Projektgruppe (Pg) WS 21/22
Lecture WS 21/22
Practical course (P) SS 2021
Lecture WS 20/21
Practical course (P) SS 2020
Lecture WS 19/20
Seminar (S) WS 19/20
Seminar (S) SS 2019
Practical course (P) SS 2019
Vorlesung (V) WS 18/19
Practical course (P) SS 2018