Deployment of Database Systems


This course introduces students to the deployment of modern database technology, in both breadth and depth. ’Breadth’ is reached by the detailed study and comparison of different philosophies and data models, together with respective query languages. For instance, we address both so-called NoSQL database concepts as well as semistructured databases (i.e., XML databases, with XQuery as one query language) and graph databases. ’Depth’ is reached by the study of several non-trivial applications, such as management of XML or e-commerce data using relational database technology. Since all these applications are generic problems themselves, the study of such applications is interesting in itself already.


At the end of the course, the participants should be able to explain and compare database concepts (especially data models and query languages) - in more breadth, compared to database courses at the undergraduate level. They should know and be able to assess the different possibilities to store complex user data using database technology.