Hot Topics in Information Systems

The focus of our research group is on scalable techniques for data management and analytics. Our work targets at the synthesis of conceptual research results with prototypical deployments in different domains. In this seminar we focus on current topics including modeling and verification of compliant data-aware processes, machine learning techniques for data analytics, and technical and data mining research questions around temporal data, e.g., mining dependencies and causality in temporal data.


  • Applications of Dynamic Heterogeneous Information Networks for AIOp 
  • Applications of Knowledge-based Medical Diagnosis Prediction in Energy context
  • Applications of Invertible Neural Networks for Energy Systems Modeling
  • Applications of Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) on 3D building data
  • BP Modeling & Verification: Petri Nets with Parameterised Data
  • Verifying data object manipulation in business processes
  • Explorative Process Design and Action-Response-Effect Patterns in Business Processes (only master students)
  • Exploring Interpretable Predictive Models for Business Processes
  • ML methods for solving differential and difference equations (only master students)
  • Supervised uncoupled feature extraction
  • Unsupervised uncoupled feature extraction
  • Incorporating Prior Domain Knowledge into Deep Neural Networks