DAKOR - Datenschutzkonforme Verwaltung relationaler Datenbestände

"Privacy protection in relational databases"

Privacy requirements are playing an increasingly important role in today's software. This also is
due to the trend of outsourcing data management to cloud services like the Amazon Relational
Database Service (Amazon RDS).

The objective of this project is the development and implementation of a privacy protection
framework for outsourced relational databases. For this purpose, we focus on relational databases
with star schema since: (1) they are used in many current privacy-sensitive applications, (2) many
applications with data having this structure are indeed outsourcing their data management, and (3)
there is, so far, no satisfactory approach for this important case.

This research field is especially interesting and challenging since standard privacy protection
approaches tend to turn off many of the key features of relational databases. Therefore, the
developed framework should find a reasonable ---best adjustable--- trade-off between
privacy-protection level and query-processing performance. In order to do so, the framework should
take the underlying database schema as well as the data distribution into account. The privacy
protection level provided by the framework should be mathematically proven.