Karlsruhe Sensor Networking Project

The Karlsruhe Sensor Networking Project (short KSN) is a research project for wireless sensor networks at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). We are part of the ZeuS research project. ZeuS is a german abbrevation for "reliable energy-efficent and ubiquitous sensor networks".

Our goal is to develop query languages and evaluation techniques for sensor networks. There are some significant non-functional constraints for queries in such environments. This includes energy consumption and security concerns. The query languages and processors should be capable of evaluating the queries with the given constraints.

For research purposes we are developing a sensor network simulator. We also installed a Sun SPOT sensor network at our institute. We want software to be runnable in the simulator and in the network without changing the code. To achieve this we developed a common framework. We are able to evaluate the efficiency of our software using the simulator and the real network.