Institute for Program Structures and Data Organization (IPD), Chair Prof. Böhm

PhD Position in "Big Data"

PhD Position in "Big Data"

Big data currently is ubiquitous, in the sciences and elsewhere, and also accrues in various large-scale research facilities within KIT. The ability to handle big data well is a prerequisite for any real-world deployment of machine learning and intelligent systems.

At KIT, we do have a huge body of scientific data with references to time. For this data, we would like to facilitate declarative access, ideally instantaneous, but possibly approximate -- scientists within KIT and elsewhere would like to have this. However, concepts and methods to this end need to be developed in the first place, and this setting is an excellent starting point for scientific work within computer science/a fine research thread with a high potential of being unique.

We now seek to fill a respective vacancy for a PhD student as soon as possible. Important prerequisites are interest in scientific work, a Master or Diploma degree in computer science/informatics or in a related discipline, e.g., mathematics, physics, or business informatics, and good programming skills and familiarity with database and/or big data technology. Successful candidates should demonstrate academic excellence and rigor as well as curiosity. Please email your application to Prof. Klemens Böhm (, who also is available for questions.

We offer:

  • a lot of free space for scientific development,
  • excellent personal guidance and support,
  • fascinating research topics relevant for other disciplines and for society
  • an open-minded and highly collaborative research environment
  • an international, interdisciplinary research surrounding with numerous occasions for cooperation,
  • opportunities for personal growth and further training leveraging the rich infrastructure at KIT, an institution that is both a university and a large-scale research facility,
  • an excellent living environment in an attractive, vibrant city in one of the most beautiful regions in Germany,
  • a salary that covers the living expenses in Germany well, together with free university registration.

KIT pursues a gender equality policy. We would therefore particularly encourage qualified women to apply. If qualified, handicapped applicants will be preferred.

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