Cleaning Antipatterns in SQL Query Log

  • Author:

    Natalia Arzamasova, Martin Schäler, Klemens Böhm

  • Source:

    IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering

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    This is the supplementary material for the article "Cleaning Antipatterns in an SQL Query Log".
    The framework described in the paper is a workflow of the cleaning process. The purpose of our framework is to analyze query logs. Depending on the analysis target, we intend to find query templates or patterns (series of query templates) within the log, or identify and solve antipatterns. Figure to the right shows the respective workflow. Rectangular boxes stand for input data, rounded boxes for processing steps, and gray boxes for results. There are several results extracted from a SQL log. In contrast, the log is the only input. This current section is supposed to give the reader an impression of the potential of our solution as well as an impression of how to use it. It also describes parameters of our framework. We now discuss some relevant details.

DB description

We process all the operations within Oracle DBMS. Hence, let us provide our database scheme below (not all the attributes are listed, only the most important ones).