Institute for Program Structures and Data Organization (IPD), Chair Prof. Böhm

Privacy Challenges across Boundaries

The society's ongoing digitization involves various privacy challenges. For example, users in social networks are more and more willing to share private information. This information does not only allow inferring further private information but also identifying users that use pseudonyms to protect their privacy. Another example is the automatic data collection via smart meters that measure individual energy consumptions in short time intervals. The resulting time-series allows observing daily routines as well as private information such as the employment status.

The topics of this Seminar deal with methods that quantify and protect privacy in privacy-vulnerable applications and scenarios. We focus on current use cases such as social networks and smart grids that come along with complex data structures such as graphs or time series.


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Lecture language: English
The term paper and the presentation have to be in English.


Important dates:

  • 19.04.2016: Kick-off meeting
  • 22.05.2016: Deadline for structuring and literature overview
  • 21.06., 28.06. and 05.07.2016 : Presenting the slides
    (Slides have to be sent to the supervisors one week earlier for review)
  • 10.07.2016: First version of the term paper
  • 24.07.2016: Final version of the term paper