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J. Mülle
M. Bracht
F. Eichinger


The goal of the LogoTakt research project is to develop technologies as well as the needed tools for clocked/synchronised transportation networks. Such networks are a current trend with the potential to reduce the number of lorry rides by means of suitable consolidation and decisions about the means of transportation. For this purpose, the development of business models, processes and tools is planned, which are supposed to ensure the required punctuality and robustness of multimodal networks. Simultaneously, they are supposed to increase and enlarge the potential for consolidation of transportation in the general cargo and part load. The crucial instrument is the introduction of clocked/synchronised transportation networks, which in particular involves the synchronisation of processes from different participants.

At the IPD an adaptive workflow management system is developed, which plays a central role in the software architecture of LogoTakt. The role of this system is construction and logging of open multi-client enabled logistic processes. These are planned to be analysed with specialized algorithms to reveal potential improvements.