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Efficient and secure exact-match queries in outsourced databases

Efficient and secure exact-match queries in outsourced databases

Clemens Heidinger, Klemens Böhm, Erik Buchmann, Martin Spoo


World Wide Web Journal

Data management can now be outsourced to cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services or IBM SmartCloud.
This calls for encrypted data-representation schemes that also give way to efficient query processing.
State-of-the-art approaches are overly expensive for exact-match queries in the worst case, or they do not ensure privacy
if an adversary knows the data distribution. In this paper, we propose a new privacy approach without these shortcomings.
It makes use of encryption, obfuscated indices, and data fragmentation. To speed up query processing, we propose three novel data-transformation and query-execution schemes. For two schemes, we prove that an adversary capable of solving any polynomial problem cannot determine if any attribute values appear together in a tuple. Thus, with our schemes, sensitive data is not linked to personally identifiable information. To evaluate our third scheme, we propose a measure that quantifies the risk of disclosure.
We evaluate our approach on real-world folksonomy data. Our evaluation shows that its
average response time of exact-match queries with 15 million tuples is under one second on a conventional desktop PC.


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