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Avanced Query Processing and Optimization in Databases

Avanced Query Processing and Optimization in Databases
Typ: Seminar
Semester: Hauptdiplom

Seminarraum 348

Beginn: 27.10.2009
Dozent: Prof. Böhm
M. Heine
A. Khachatryan
SWS: 2
LVNr.: 24385

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Interested students are required to register at the secretary's office (room 367).

Database Management Systems (DBMS) allow users to access data declaratively. To facilitate this, modern DBMS employ complex query processing and optimization subsystems.

The emergence of Web 2.0, the explosive amount of data companies store and analyze and the increasing need to handle non-conventional data such as spatio-temporal data pose new challenges to DBMSs. Social networking systems, complex search engines, folksonomies and location based services produce complex and non-standard queries. To handle these queries, the traditional query optimization and processing routines need to be extended.

In this seminar, we look into query optimization and processing techniques for Web-centered queries, as well as non-standard queries for relational DBMS. These include top-N queries and scenarios where users can choose non-standard optimization goals.

The seminar will be held in english language.

Seminar Schedule

27.10.2009, 13:00 - 14:00 Seminar Room 348: First meeting and assignment of topics.